What is HOPES?

HOPES is an annual sustainability conference hosted by the University of Oregon’s School of Architecture & Allied Arts. It’s also the first and one of the only student-run sustainability conferences in the United States!

Who can attend?

Anyone can attend HOPES, whether they’re a student, faculty, community member, or just someone who stumbles into the room!

How much does it cost?

HOPES is completely free to attend thanks to the generous support of the Associated Students of the University of Oregon and the UO Student Sustainability Center!

Can I attend online?
We will be live streaming our keynotes and panels, which can be watched on the HOPES website during the event. Recorded video will be added to our archives. Please join us on the web if you cannot make it in person!
How do I get involved?
If you are interested in helping plan the next HOPES conference, or presenting as a speaker, please contact the director Julia Frost at julia.a.frost@gmail.com

What's a HOPES Card?

A HOPES Card is a punch card similar to those you get at drive-thru coffee stands — you can get yours at any HOPES event and work towards a free conference shirt!