Unbuilt, Resilient and Just Cities: HOPES[24] Conference

Organization: University of Oregon Ecological Design Center and University of Oregon Portland Architecture Program

Sunday, April 15, 2018
3:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Pape Room,  White Stag Building Portland

Convening experts in fields that may include urban design, landscape architecture, environmental engineering, economics and community stewardship. This panel event will explore the intersection of design, resilient infrastructure, and urban justice. In broad terms, this panel may discuss how and what can make a truly green and just city.

The structure will involve a lightning talk by three to five experts representing different disciplines followed by a panel discussion with question and answer session.

This event will be an extension of HOPES[24], a conference on sustainability and design at the University of Oregon. This year’s theme Unbuilt aims to deconstruct the preconceived, voice the unheard, and find potential in challenging the norm.

3 groups of people your event would appeal to

  • Designers and engineers addressing the intersection of ecological responsiveness and equity as manifest in the built environment
  • Citizens concerned about the intersection of ecological responsiveness, social equity as manifest in the built environment
  • Students: a future generation of designers, engineers and active and informed citizens in a participatory democracy

Why would someone want to attend

Cities like Portland are rapidly growing. It is a city with tremendous potential in shaping a just future. “Unbuilt, Resilient and Just Cities” sheds light on the design opportunities professionals are initiating in creating a sustainable city. Anyone from designers, citizens to students, attendees may be interested in knowing and contributing to the conversation on the intersection of design, resilient infrastructure and urban justice.

What will the attendees take away

Although we will discuss specific design strategies, the primary takeaway is the recognition that to make progress in solving a very challenging set of interrelated problems requires the convening of multidisciplinary teams willing to open up spaces of creative inquiry and problematize assumptions. In other words, our end game of the event is to conceptualize and configure a process that can lead to innovative project outcomes to the benefit of all.

HOPES[24] is excited to announce that we will be participating and hosting an event for Design Week Portland 2018

For more information about Design Week Portland, check out their website!

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