Julia Frost, Director

Email: julia.a.frost@gmail.com

Julia is a fifth-year Architecture undergrad (and Landscape Architecture minor) from the great city of Chicago, IL. This is her second year as director, and she sometimes dreams of a quiet life. Aside from event planning, she also enjoys teaching, podcasts, speed walking, working on the school’s architecture journal KTISMA, and laughing at her own jokes.

Alison Bartlett, Co-Director of Speakers

Email: aeb@uoregon.edu

Hailing from the northern lands of Canada, Alison’s decision to come to Oregon was the start of a drastic change to her course of study. Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s of Commerce from Dalhousie University (Halifax, N.S.), she departed west hungry to immerse herself in the world of design. Now, in her 3rd year of the Concurrent M.Arch & M. I Arch, she is learning how to better manage her time to participate in inspiring events such as the HOPES Conference. Additionally, she enjoys cooking, water colouring and reading people’s spirit animals.

Matthew Chua, Co-Director of Speakers

Email: mchua@uoregon.edu

Matthew is a second year M.Arch student originally from sunny Southern California. After completing a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara, he came to Oregon to learn about architecture and sustainable design. In addition to his interests in design and the arts, he also enjoys being in the outdoors, films of all kinds, and shamrock shakes from McDonalds.

Callan Roemer, Director of Branding

Email: roemer@uoregon.edu

Callan is running [skipping] full speed ahead to complete her last term of studying Landscape Architecture. She is quite fond of avocados and likes to spend time getting lost in new places, and buying plants. She appreciates a delicate and simple design with a touch of whimsy. When she’s not frantically trying to create graphics for HOPES[23] she dreams of running away and starting a mystery podcast with friends.

Megan A. Little, Director of Outreach

Email: mlittle7@uoregon.edu

Megan is a fourth year BLA student at the University of Oregon. As a lover of luscious landscapes and a fervent tap-water enthusiast, Megan was drawn to the Pacific Northwest. Her hobbies include graphic design, spending time with her cat, and listening to podcasts. She is most often seen drinking her third cup of coffee of the day while strategizing new Outreach techniques and spreading the word about the HOPES conference.

Lacey M. Aley, Director of Finances

Email: lmaley2323@gmail.com

Lacey is a fourth year B.Arch student at the University of Oregon, Eugene Campus. Her interest in sustainable design and urban planning brought her to the University of Oregon from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she continues to develop her passion for design.

She became interested in the HOPES conference her first year at the University when she attended HOPES [20] in April 2014. The topics and speakers at the conference brought an entire new perspective on how to be an environmentally and socially responsible designer of the built environment.

Since then, her contribution in planning and organizing the conference has helped to support its continued success.

Sean Henderson, Master of Logistics

Email: seanbhenderson@gmail.com

Sean is a fourth-year Architecture undergrad with a minor in Landscape Architecture. He came to the University of Oregon’s Architecture department from Sacramento, CA in order to learn how to design passive homes and buildings. Since being here he has gained an interest in Landscape Architecture for not only its practical benefits, but also its pivotal role in creating truly functional space.

Outside of architecture, he can often be found chest deep/upside down in snow with his ski equipment strewn about a self-made crater. If you find him this way, please help right him.



Megan Little — Director of Outreach
Ben Lucke — Social Media Strategist
Max Mendola — Social Media Strategist
Ben Bilotti — Social Media Strategist
Jilian Carlo — Internal Outreach
Will Talbot — External Outreach


Callan Roemer — Director of Branding
Tayler Jones — Branding Strategist
Addison Estrada — Branding Strategist
Sang Pham — Branding Strategist
Xinyan Jin — Branding Strategist


Joel Zapien — Web Developer


Alison Bartlett — Co-Director of Speakers
Matthew Chua — Co-Director of Speakers
Kari Hayenga — Speakers Team
Gianna Prather — Speakers Team
Hannah Hryniewicki — Speakers Team
Ana Misenas — Speakers Team
Jordan Frazin — Speakers Team


Lacey Aley — Finance Director
Cameron Buswell — Finance Wizard


Sean Henderson — Master of Logistics
Nathan Leigh — Co-Master of Logistics
John Maxson — External Logistics

Kassia Dellabough — Faculty Advisor

Julia Frost – Director