Modern Gentrification
Hosted by STAnDD
Thursday, April 13
LA 206 | 7:00 PM
Panelists: Gerardo Sandoval, Becca Cavell, Howard Davis, Anne Godfrey

We love development, we love housing, and we love shops. But what do we do when our creations have the effect of slowly and silently pushing existing residents out while drawing wealthier people into a neighborhood? Today, our economic system devises a natural order in which only the wealthy can afford livability in a city. Whether good or bad, people are being displaced from neighborhood to neighborhood. What is the designer’s role in helping mitigate the displacement of families and communities?

The Politics of Water
Friday, April 14
LA 206 | 7:00 PM
Panelists: Brook Muller, James Cassidy, David Hulse, Leslie Ryan

Water is a double-edged sword: everything is dependent on water for survival, yet it is a powerful element that destroys cities, initiates forced migrations, and causes devastation in its absence. Balance must be found, for example, between the politics of constructing hydroelectric dams in the US, care for ecosystems, and Native American water claims. Environmentally, designers must consider water to proactively manage floods, droughts, and the regions that are affected. How can we anticipate how we will interact with water in the future and learn to design with these considerations in mind?

Hosted by KTISMA Journal
Saturday, April 15
LA 206 | 2:00 PM
Panelists: Christoph Lindner, Marziah Rajabzadeh, Mark Eischeid

Walls separate and enclose, but beyond their spatial manifestations, walls create conceptual and philosophical context. How do our decisions when building walls dictate both the formal and social environment?

The Ethics of Displacement
Saturday, April 15
LA 206 | 7:00 PM
Panelists: Andrew Cusack, Alan Waxman, Emma Marris, Aaron Huey

The words and media we select to communicate must be accurate and genuine to the circumstances we wish to share. How we represent displacement affects how we respond, with actions that carry their own ethical weight. What are our intentions, and how can we authentically communicate and respond to displacement?