Designing in the Current Political Climate
Hosted by STAnDD
Thursday, April 12
LA 206 | 7:00 PM
Panelists: Chris Cornelius, Gabriel Diaz Montemayor,

The current political climate and its social and economic implications have left people feeling skeptical, angry, and tense. As designers, it is our job to create and build with people in mind. Though current policies and laws may not affect us directly (yet), it is our responsibility to use our privilege to better serve and advocate for those most affected, especially those who are unheard. We ask you to join us alongside professors and practicing professionals in the design field to examine the difficult question: What can we do within our scope of work to advocate for those who are neglected everyday?

Ad-Hoc Principles for Design & Sustinability
Hosted by CASL
Friday, April 13
LA 206 | 7:00 PM
Panelists: Katrina Spade, Thomas Jackson,

In the world of design materiality is everything. We specify uses for wood, steel, water, and soil, but do we think about their ramifications to our world? Innovation is necessary when thinking about the systems that we work with daily. What if we rethought the types of materials being used and only utilize those found on-site? Or, what if we repurposed unconventional materials to create a more enriching system? Innovation, improvisation, and ad-hoc principles are sometimes necessary to create sustainable spaces, whether that be in our design implementation or in the way we think about design as a medium for change. Untraditional methods for sustainable design may be the way to create a better tomorrow.

African-American UO Architecture Grad DeNorval Unthank
Saturday, April 14
LA 206 | 2:00 PM
Panelists: Otto Poticha, Greg Evans, Mark Harris

What was it like to be the first African-American Architecture student, architect and professor in Eugene? Learn about how DeNorval Unthank overcame stereotypes to build a successful career in Oregon and support others. Emeritus Professor of Practice Otto Poticha will discuss his partner’s work at Unthank Sedar Poticha. Eugene City Councilor and LCC Diversity Chief Greg Evans will describe Unthank’s role in the African American Community, LCC Counselor and Ethnic Studies faculty Mark Harris will flesh out the historical context.¬†This will be an interactive session that combines short panelist presentations with Q&A and small group discussions. Audience members are invited to consider the continuing challenges and the important role of allies in creating a welcoming, inclusive society.

Hosted by KSM
Saturday, April 14
LA 206 | 7:00 PM
Panelists: Terry Warpinski, Paul Steinberg, Ryan Marumaya
Description coming soon…
Sunday, April 15
White Stag | 3:30 PM
Panelists: Rhys Roth, Joe Payne, David Cook, Crystal Grinnell

Cities like Portland are confronted with the need to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade water and other infrastructures, this in a time of climate change and hydrological regimes that are transforming. Convening experts in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, engineering, and finance, this panel event will explore the intersection of design, resilient infrastructure, and equity. The structure will involve short talks by four experts representing different disciplines followed by a panel and question and answer session.