Karen Allen_

Karen is a Certified Biomimicry Professional who is passionate about sharing the secrets of the natural world to inform sustainable innovations. She is a seasoned biomimicry educator, facilitator and consultant who has been practicing biomimicry on a variety of projects since 2000. Her interdisciplinary science background and love of natural history help Karen translate nature’s strategies for architects, engineers, and designers. She has been the lead biologist, trainer, and facilitator on several biomimicry projects, guiding clients through the Biomimicry Design Process, including the City of Boulder’s Genius of Place Project in 2014, Cuyahoga County Green Bulkhead Project in 2013, and Biomimicry Oregon’s Genius of Place Project in 2012. Karen also is an integral part of Biomimicry 3.8′s (B3.8) teaching and consulting team, leading innovators in understanding the practice of biomimicry. She currently teaches the 2013-2015 Biomimicry Professional Certification Program and the Master of Science in Biomimicry Program at B3.8 & Arizona State University on-line. www.aequinoxhabitat.com